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About Us

Scud Marine represents the world’s finest luxury yachts manufacturers and brings to you a new world of luxurious lifestyle and prestige. As India’s leading, full service Luxury Marine Solutions company, we are a team of experts from the Nautical field with expertise to assist you in all aspects of Yacht Ownership. Each of our International Shipyard Partners offer unique experience and Global Assistance through there worldwide network of service partners and dealers, providing us access to unrivalled resources

We understand that more than just being a Luxurious Product and an epitome of Success, a Yacht is another Home on the Seas. Yachting should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience without any hassles of Maintenance, docking etc and our World Class product Range and Our Team of Experts ensures that you decide on the Best Luxury Yacht tailored to your needs. Each Pleasure Craft embodies the Perfection in the Art of Yacht Building. The prestige of our Partners’ Brands has been earned by building the Luxury Yachts regarded by our Esteemed Clients with fine tastes and expert Yachtsmen to be superior in styling, design and construction.

Scud Marine’s painstakingly designed and constructed Yachts, Italian and American, best suits the needs of the Individual who has everything….. Everything but a Yacht…